Cocoon Care

A Peaceful Place for Recovery

A Cocoon becomes ‘a room within a room’ - a place where you can be undisturbed for a while to work, learn and relax.

Cocoon Care is an upholstered
acoustic pod that shields the user
from external stimuli, creating a calm environment to reduce stress and aid 

disregulated behaviour.

100% Made in Sweden 

Create. Design. Inspire.

The innovative Cocoon design, with its sound absorbing walls and rounded form, allows users to withdraw from their surroundings without  disconnecting from the external environment.


Cocoon Care can be used as both a quiet space for focus and a sound booth. 


LED task lighting is built into the structure and can be switched on or off depending on the user needs. 


Users are also able to utilise the built-in speakers to play their own audio, or listen to our specially devised soundtrack.


The unique, specially designed MusiCure® soundtrack has been developed using evidence-based techniques to create a calming emotional response for listeners. 


MusiCure® have engaged in trials across Europe with widespread praise and positive evidence of the benefits of their compositions for a broad range of patients.

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more about MusiCure® 


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